Press Release - Carrio Driver Distraction

Carrio's driver distraction was tested by the University of Jyväskylä.
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Ficonic nominated as TU Automotive Awards 2017 Finalist TU Automotive Awards

Ficonic supports CarPlay integration

Ficonic has joined the MFi partner program and offers its automotive customers now also CarPlay integration services. Contact Damien De Maya to hear more!


We create technology that saves lives and increases the sales of our customers' products.

Today people use smartphones to fulfill their need to be online. They do it also when they drive despite its dangers. Our job is to create technology for cars that fulfills these needs in a safe a way. With our solutions and innovations our customers differentiate in their market and increase sales by fulfilling the consumers' needs better than anyone else. Our customers are car companies, but also companies who want to bring their services and content for consumers in cars.

Our solutions include smartphone connectivity software (e.g. MirrorLink®), application engines and innovative applications as well as cloud solutions. We also offer development services for our customers and as an Apple MFi partner we can help you to integrate Apple CarPlay into your products.


We license our connectivity software and develop software for IoT.

With our long experience in developing embedded, mobile and backend software we can offer our customers an optimal set of building blocks and services for creating IoT solutions.

Whether it is remote use of devices, collecting and analyzing data or creating front ends, our team delivers the software in time, in budget and with agreed content.

Together with our partners we can also deliver complete products to our customers.


We offer our customers software development services and consulting.

True cost efficiency in software development comes from best engineers working with solid processes and delivering defect free software. True cost efficiency means that our customers do not pay a high overhead emerging from the suppliers company structure. If you have a software product that needs to be developed with high quality and efficiency, we're the best choice for you.

We are specialists in:

  • C/C++, Java, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Linux, Android, iOS
  • Embedded software
  • Backend software
  • Continuous Integration and Agile